Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency Support


At Jay Maharaj Edu Focus (P) Ltd (JME) we provide guidance for Forex. We provide guidance for preparing Demand Drafts, International Debit Cards, Travelling Cheques, Wire Transfers and exchange of currency. Jay Maharaj Edu Focus (P) Ltd (JME) having  group of company providing currency exchange and assist students in getting the best deal on a low price. Boarding fee, lodging fees, and tuition fees whatever are your queries related to foreign exchange, Jay Maharaj Edu Focus (P) Ltd (JME) is there to guide you.

The value of currency in foreign exchange keeps on fluctuating on daily basis that intensely has an effect on loss of money in currency exchange. We and our group of company called Jay Maharaj Money Changer (P) Ltd will make sure all students get best price in market and all our student don’t have to go here and there for buy forex or Boarding fee, lodging fees, and tuition fees. all our student are busy in last minute shopping or spending time with their love once. This valuable service is provided free of cost.

Rules for Foreign Currency


Remember that the limit is for the financial year and not calendar year.

**Maximum Carry Limit: 250000 USD Per Financial Year per Passport. This should include DD/TT, foreign currency  & Forex card purchases.**

While travelling abroad, a resident Indian can carry Indian currency (in cash) up to ₹25,000 and foreign currency notes or coins up to $3,000 per foreign trip.

All students should carry Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) certificate with them when they travel. At time of custom they should give LRS with passport for smooth custom clearance.

**Please do not buy any foreign currency without LRS otherwise custom has right to send back to your county. Lots a student are facing this.**